Earth-friendly Goodbyes
573-355-4647 - Fostering the integration of dying and after-death care back into our family and community life.
We strive to increase awareness of alternatives to conventional funeral and burial care.

Embracing Family Home Funerals - We bring the funeral back into the home to allow a final period of intimacy;
an opportunity to connect deeply with our feelings; and a chance to be with loving friends and family members
within the sacred walls of our own home.

Final Passages - Founded by the home funeral pioneer, Jerrigrace Lyons and featured in the PBS Series, POV. - Funeral Consumers Alliance is a nonprofit organization dedicated to protecting a consumer's
right to choose a meaningful, dignified, affordable funeral.

Kinkaro - an American Green company providing an ecological alternative in interment with beautiful, affordable, dignified, biodegradeble burial shrouds, cremation shrouds and other ceremonial funeral products. - An online memorial website for you to share and celebrate the memories of your loved one with family and friends forever plus memorial poetry and resources for home funerals, green cemeteries or natural burial and celebrant information. -videos abouthome funerals or natural after-drath care. - a listing of home care guides. - A Home Funeral Care Guide by Donna Belk - The State of Missouri...heip with Death Certificates, Ivra Cross - Funeral Consumers Alliance of Kansas City...Helps with funerals - a locally owned funeral home that offers their services in coordination with Green Acres Cemetery - Missouri Attorney General’s informational brochure

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