Earth-friendly Goodbyes

Green Acres - A Natural Burial Cemetery

Rules and Regulations

Note that: Green Acres (G/A) We, Our,and Us refers to Green Acres Cemetery. You or Your refers to lot owners and their heirs and assignees.

All lots in G/A are sold in accordance with the provisions of the laws of the State of Missouri and shall not be used for any other purposes than as a burial place for deceased human beings.

2. In order to schedule a burial with us, you must purchase a lot for the deceased unless the deceased has already purchased one. You must also provide us with:

The name of the deceased.
The age of the deceased including birth date, if known.
The place of birth of the deceased, if known.
The date of death.
Time and date of interment.
If the deceased is not an adult, the names of his or her parent(s) or legal guardian.

Guide for Burial Parties

3. Each lot is entitled to: one person or one person and two cremations or no more than 6 cremations.

4. When a married or partnered couple purchases two lots, G/A will assign a certificate of internment to each member of the couple, as the lots owner. When an individual, family or group purchases more than two lots, G/A will assign one lot to each individual identified by the purchaser(s).

5. You may transfer your lot to another person but see (5) and (6). If you purchase a lot for yourself but, upon death, are buried elsewhere, then your lot passes to those named in your will. If none are named, it passes to your descendents, then to your surviving spouse. If you inherit burial rights you must notify us to get permission to bury those not specified with G/A.

6. You are prohibited from allowing someone to inter a body on your lot in exchange for services, goods or money.

7. If you decide you want to sell your lot, we will buy it back at the price you paid.

8. You must pay the full purchase price with cash or personal check before a certificate of internment will be given or a burial allowed.

9. We reserve the right to remove all flowers, wreaths, or other natural decorations without notice as soon as they become unsightly. Ceramic or glass vases or blocks and artificial flowers and other decorations may not be placed on graves or lots.

10. You may not place embellishments or effigies on graves or lots. They will be removed and discarded by G/A.

11. G/A shall have sole discretion as to all matters regarding landscaping and plantings, including plans, care, pruning, of graves, and removal of vegetation.

12. Funerals must be completed at G/A by 4 P.M. so that we have sufficient time to properly close the grave and remove the equipment before 6 P.M.

13. All funerals, processions and vehicles will be under the control of G/A. Discharging of firearms is permitted at military funerals and is prohibited at all other times.

14. Only natural flat rocks indigenous to G/A may be engraved and set flush with the ground and be no larger than 400 square inches as markers over the grave.

15. G/A workers and contractors may cross over any cemetery lot to perform normal cemetery operations.

16. All work done at G/A shall be done By G/A employees or with permission.

17. Trails and lanes may transverse a corner of your lot, although no trail or lane will cross your actual burial sight.

18. Visitors may visit G/A during daylight hours, observing our rules and the propriety due us. Your pets must be kept on leash and under your control at all times. Motorcycles and other loud vehicles must park outside cemetery property.

19. Disinterment will be allowed on regular business days (Mon-Fri) between the hours of 9 A.M. and 4 P.M.

20. We are open for burial Monday- Saturday 9 A.M. to 4 P.M. weather permitting. We are closed Sunday and Holidays and will open by appointment only.

21. All vaults and grave liners are prohibited at G/A.

22. All bodies or cremains must be interred only in natural biodegradable materials.

23. Deceased bodies that are embalmed or otherwise chemically preserved may not be interred at G/A. (Except when the embalming has been done against the decedents wishes and with the permission of G/A.)

24. G/A its officers, employees and agents assume no liability for damage, mental anguish, or loss caused by vandalism or other acts beyond its reasonable control.

25. Graves may take years to settle back to the original ground level.






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