Earth-friendly Goodbyes

“Pushing Up Daisies” and “Green Acres” was started to accomplish three goals:
#1. To give those people who want “The Ultimate way of Going Green” a choice to do so. Green Acres is a
"Natural Burial Site" which means only those objects that are bio-degradable can be buried. We are "stewards" of the land and the protection of the earth is our primary concern.

#2. If you feel like I do, that traditonal burials are too expensive then consider a "Green Burial" that can dramatically reduce the cost of a funeral and burial by thousands of dollars.

#3. This is a simpler and more caring way to say and show your loved ones you and your family truly cared by being responsible for their final remebrance. 

Please contact us if you've any questions and “Thank You” for your time and consideration.

103 Corporate Lake Drive, Ste. E
Columbia, MO 65203

a non-endowed cemetery